These specialized courses are designed to develop and enhance your knowledge and skills on specific topics related to electronic music production. Need to brush up on Music Theory so you can get learn those "phat" chords and those tasteful lead lines? Want to learn how to manage your multi-track mixes more professionally? Decide to ditch being a preset-chooser and dive into synthesis? if these are some of the questions that you find yourself asking then these courses may have the answers you need.

Audio Mixing Techniques and Concepts 101

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Explore and discover Industry standard pro audio techniques using EQ, compression, level-balancing, reverb, panning and Effects to bring out the best sounding mixes for your compositions and improve the way you process your multi-track mixes and up your sound engineering chops.

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John Paul Del Mundo

(JohnPope / Logiclub / Futurestudio / RBMA Paris)

John Paul del Mundo a.k.a. John Pope likes to call his music “electronic textural maximalism,” and the Philippines-raised producer’s expansive soundscapes can be heard scoring two Cannes-certified shorts, Agos: The Manila Dream and Pasan. He is also one of the founding members of Logiclub, a Metro Manila-based collective that started out as a group of friends trying to learn Logic, and has since evolved into a team of artists organizing workshops and live events all around the Philippines. Mixing and production credits include numerous local artists such as BP Valenzuela, CRWN + Jessica Connelly, Curtismith, Jensen and the Flips, She's Only Sixteen, and also numerous online videos and TVCs for Globe, Tang, Vaseline, YourSingapore, etc. He was also the first Filipino to have been chosen to participate in the annual Red Bull Music Academy, a world-traveling series of workshops, lectures, and events held in a different country each year. Outside of John Pope, he also forms part of the indie pop band Never the Strangers, and spins deep house and techno (and produces lo-fi house) under the alias Arms Akimbo.


Rhythmic,Harmonic and Melodic Confluence

(Demystifying Music Theory)

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Music Theory has long been feared and misunderstood by a lot of aspiring musicians and laptop artists because of its complexities and intricacies. In this progressive program we offer a simplified, no-nonsense approach to awakening one's Melodic and Harmonic mind whether you are a serious instrumentalist or a hobbyist bedroom producer. develop your skills in conjuring lead lines, intricate chord progressions and learn how to be an active analytic listener with this specialized program designed to deepen your understanding and relationship with the vocabulary of music.

To be instructed by: 


Allen Dave Articulo

(Audio Brewery / Elements Songwriting Camp / Singer-Songwriter / 8bit Arranger)

Allen is a graduate (with flying colors) of the  AB-Music Production Course from DLS-College of St. Benilde and has long since been a Singer-Songwriter with a strong ear and attention to detail. At an early age he was able to build his own Production House called "Audio Brewery" and has done a number of commercial sound projects in the field. As a songwriter he was one of the few participants that were invited to take part in the Yearly Elements Songwriting Camp and was awarded with the Elements Songwriting Camp Top 12 Mentor's Choice in 2013. Aside from being perfect pitch and being hyper analytical  he has a strong understanding in the realm of music theory that is evident in his work. 



Subtractive Colors : Synthesis with Sylenth


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A guide course in synthesis using Lennar Digital's Sylenth1. This course is an Overall guide to Sylenth1's UI. Understanding the different functions and knobs that it offers, how additive synthesis works, and how to make different synths; bass, plucks, arps, leads.

To be instructed by:

Asch Catabona

(The Patron Saint Family)

Asch is a young electronic music producer that is slowly championing the internet with his own unique, eclectically colorful and dreamy style of production that has been gaining the notice of listeners all over the world. he is currently part of the Sweden-Stockholm based collective "The Patron Saint Family". His proficiency in synthesis spans across different genres and styles yet he has already succeeded in honing a sound to call his own.


Wavelengths & Waypoints : A Primer on Synthesis


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This course is an introduction to audio synthesis and its place in contemporary music. The students will learn about the synthesizer’s components and parts, its different types, and its historical impact on the modern musical landscape. The course is designed for students who already have prior knowledge in music theory and are experienced with an instrument. It will be hands-on and application-based; the students will be able to produce their own music based on lessons from the course.

To be instructed by:


Andrew Florentino


Andrew Florentino joined the music industry in 2014 as a Music Production graduate of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. At present, he works as a scorer and composer for GMA Network. Outside the office he scores advertisements and short films, including the multi-award winning “Ang Kapitbahay Ko sa 2014” and “Ang ‘Di Masabi,” which was a submission to Project 1324 and the Sundance Institute in 2015. From his bedroom he produces electronic music as TheBGNR, and on the side he is the vocalist and principal songwriter of the band Actually Not Here. If these don’t pan out, he’d like to be an astronaut instead.