Student Impressions



"When I decided to choose electronic music for my application of music class, it was not because I chose this course over guitar but because I knew sir Jorge would be my professor which was a bonus because I knew my questions would be well entertained. Even before taking his class, I've already heard about his capabilities both as a musician and as a professor. He creates a very inspiring environment which instantly builds up momentum for students every-time I enter his class. He encourages us to innovate and shows us that there is no limitation to creating using Ableton. He once gave an exercise using only a kick sample to create a whole 16 bar track which is pretty challenging but also entertaining and liberating to my mind as a musician. It was interesting being able to do things I never thought I could do. In a span of 3 months my growth as a producer skyrocketed and I owe it to him."

- Vincent Dalida

"Sir Jorge is the only teacher I've met who has an exceptional patience for his students and I've never heard him give negative comments. he always focuses on the good side of your work. he's the kind of person who's always positive about everything and he is the kind of teacher who inspires students to be the best they can be. "

-Zed Rapadas

"Jorge is a great teacher and an excellent mentor. There's no dull moment when he teaches Ableton, he makes it look easy, user friendly, and very fun. He communicates extremely well, and creates a very comfortable yet motivational environment. He knows Ableton like the back of his hand. Every question i have is easily answered in seconds. One last thing i like about his teaching style is he doesn't intimidate students with how much he's accomplished and how much knowledge he has attained. He just adjust to the students capabilities and creativity which makes learning fun and productive."

-Ian Seph Tan

"Learning under Sir Jorge Wieneke was a very fruitful experience. He exemplifies true artistry in his craft and shares it wholeheartedly. He acknowledges his students’ work and guides them in their creation process which then results to a very enjoyable, motivated and productive learning ground in producing music."

-Ish Santos

"I was able to learn about music production from Jorge in just a few sessions but his style and overall personality really gets you more and more interested in both Ableton and music itself as you progress to each topic. He, not only, tells you what you need to know but also inspires you to discover, at your own pace and in any way you can, what you do need for your own music creation, which I find admirable."

-Vince Santos

"Jorge is a remarkable professor simply because of the fact that his lessons are coherent, straightforward, and knowledgable. Ableton is a complicated DAW and it takes more than practice to really understand its benefits and features. In the short span of time that I had him as a professor, I learned quite a lot of things I didn't know possible before I started his course."

- Josh Lim

"Jorge is a great example of a professional who knows how to use Ableton to its maximum extent. He was able to show me all the endless possibilities you could do with this DAW, from designing your own sounds to sampling. Besides all that technicality, Jorge was able to help me as a starting electronic musician and that boosted my confidence in my craft."

- Lean Ordinario

"Jorge knows his stuff. He knows Ableton Live and its secrets; he has the creativity to compose and the talent to perform. The best thing is that he has a way with his students, cares about their interests, and helps them to grow in their own style and genre"

- Alan Martinez

"Jorge is a great teacher! He first understands his student's skill then helps them develop from there. He creates a very creative environment which makes his students create great ideas. Also, his expanded knowledge of Ableton is worth mentioning. He can teach the intricate and intimidating production techniques in a simple but complete way. Being an FL Studio user, he helped me make the transition to Ableton smoothly."

- Jeremy Tiongco

"Throughout my years of studying, to be brutally honest, Sir Jorge has been one of the greatest professors I've had. He is very approachable and very kind and has the ability to assign tasks that are very challenging but manages to make them equally exciting. He can teach anything about Ableton flawlessly. He makes his students feel motivated in every way possible to develop and enhance our skills respectively. He gives intelligent advise and suggestions to all of his students to help us understand and adapt with the quality of the music business standard."

- Pipoy Gonzales

"Every time someone asks me about my electronic music class, I always tell them that I was very impressed with Sir Jorge. He seriously knows his way around Ableton and he can really maximize its full potential. He has been an Ableton user since the early versions so I can just imagine how that could have added up to his proficiency in it, none of us can doubt the knowledge and skill he has acquired. When I first took my EM class, I had no idea on how to manipulate and use the program. The way Sir Jorge taught me was so in depth and straight forward that I was eventually able to understand on how to basically use the important things within an hour. Sir Jorge is just as amazing at teaching as he is at producing."

- Ivan Handog

"Among all the people I've had the pleasure of learning from Jorge Wieneke is one that deserves the highest praise. He has a willingness to learn each student's preference and adapt his model to fit each unique need.. Jorge is the rare breed of teacher that truly cares about a student's quality of education without the care of his name being forsaken. From start till finish and onwards he has the capacity to teach you what he knows and learn from you what he can so that he can pass on the knowledge he gained."

- Alfredo Chuidian

"Sir Jorge taught me how to make electronic music using Ableton. He never fails to create a comfortable learning environment. He knows the ins and outs of using Ableton to make music, and is able to share this knowledge to me and his other students in a very clear way. He demonstrates how to properly use Ableton and the plugins that can be linked with it. I can honestly say that I enjoy learning and creating music with him."

-Lawrence Dimalanta