Ableton Sadhana 

(Electronic Music Production w/ Ableton Live)

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Make music your meditation with this holistic program that is designed to get you quickly and thoroughly acquainted with Ableton Live as a tool for expression, composition and performance. Learn, Utilize and Master Ableton Live with this extensive program that covers everything from basic, intermediate and advanced levels of Ableton use. From composing and arranging to mixing, mastering and building your own live performances, this program will leave you equipped to take your musical ideas to a higher plateau. 

To be instructed by : 

Jorge Juan B. Wieneke V

(similarobjects / Darker Than Wax / BuwanBuwan Collective)

Jorge Juan B. Wieneke V (aka similarobjects) born October 21, 1989 is a 26 year old multi-genre beat-maker/producer/laptop musician/experimental artist from the Philippine Islands. He produces electronic tracks of an ever evolving aesthetic of genres showcasing a wide range of influences spanning from ambient music, avant-garde, lo-fi, minimal, glitch, hip-hop, IDM, down-tempo to future beats, synth funk and chill trap resulting in a sound uniquely his own. 

The monicker "similarobjects" was a reference to Carl Jung's theory of collective unconscious. the young musician mentions that the name was born out of a meditation seeded by the idea of a Russian Nesting Doll where the idea of "similarobject within similarobject" was derived from. 

One of the household names of the Manila local beat scene that has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the music world and is sought after for both his DJ sets and Live Performances. His music has caught some airtime on radio stations all over the world including Sydney (Future Face, FBi radio), Ireland (Souletiquette Radio, RTE pulse), Helsinki (Soft Focus Radio, Basso Radio) London (MOTION,REPREZENT), Los Angeles (Truthseekers Radio, KPFK) and Brooklyn (MUSHPOST,BBOXRADIO). He is currently signed to local Record label "Number Line Records" as well as the Singaporean-based genre-bending Label "DarkerThanWax" and is one of the founding members of one of the Philippines' household communities in the Manila local beat scene called "The BuwanBuwan Collective".

Commercially, he has accomplished some notable work in the Film, TV, Fashion and broadcast industry with clients like Edsa Shangrila, SM,  Star Cinema, Axe and Adidas. He was also nominated for "Pinakamahusay na Musika" (Best Music Score) for his film score in the Movie "#Y"  in the prestigious 38th Gawad Urian Film Awards.

He is also a music professor in "The One School" and in De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde, School of Design and Arts where he teaches Electronic Music as a part of the AB Music Production Program. He specializes in the fields of midi programming, arranging, composition, sound design and performance predominantly in Ableton Live. 


Audio Mixing Techniques and Concepts 101

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Explore and discover Industry standard pro audio techniques using EQ, compression, level-balancing, reverb, panning and Effects to bring out the best sounding mixes for your compositions and improve the way you process your multi-track mixes and up your sound engineering chops.

To be instructed by:

John Paul Del Mundo

(JohnPope / Logiclub / Futurestudio / RBMA Paris)

John Paul del Mundo a.k.a. John Pope likes to call his music “electronic textural maximalism,” and the Philippines-raised producer’s expansive soundscapes can be heard scoring two Cannes-certified shorts, Agos: The Manila Dream and Pasan. He is also one of the founding members of Logiclub, a Metro Manila-based collective that started out as a group of friends trying to learn Logic, and has since evolved into a team of artists organizing workshops and live events all around the Philippines. Mixing and production credits include numerous local artists such as BP Valenzuela, CRWN + Jessica Connelly, Curtismith, Jensen and the Flips, She's Only Sixteen, and also numerous online videos and TVCs for Globe, Tang, Vaseline, YourSingapore, etc. He was also the first Filipino to have been chosen to participate in the annual Red Bull Music Academy, a world-traveling series of workshops, lectures, and events held in a different country each year. Outside of John Pope, he also forms part of the indie pop band Never the Strangers, and spins deep house and techno (and produces lo-fi house) under the alias Arms Akimbo.


Rhythmic,Harmonic and Melodic Confluence

(Demystifying Music Theory)

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Music Theory has long been feared and misunderstood by a lot of aspiring musicians and laptop artists because of its complexities and intricacies. In this progressive program we offer a simplified, no-nonsense approach to awakening one's Melodic and Harmonic mind whether you are a serious instrumentalist or a hobbyist bedroom producer. develop your skills in conjuring lead lines, intricate chord progressions and learn how to be an active analytic listener with this specialized program designed to deepen your understanding and relationship with the vocabulary of music.

To be instructed by: 


Allen Dave Articulo

(Audio Brewery / Elements Songwriting Camp / Singer-Songwriter / 8bit Arranger)

Allen is a graduate (with flying colors) of the  AB-Music Production Course from DLS-College of St. Benilde and has long since been a Singer-Songwriter with a strong ear and attention to detail. At an early age he was able to build his own Production House called "Audio Brewery" and has done a number of commercial sound projects in the field. As a songwriter he was one of the few participants that were invited to take part in the Yearly Elements Songwriting Camp and was awarded with the Elements Songwriting Camp Top 12 Mentor's Choice in 2013. Aside from being perfect pitch and being hyper analytical  he has a strong understanding in the realm of music theory that is evident in his work. 



Translating Musical Ideas

(Electronic Music Production w/ Propellerhead's Reason)

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Being able to create and play music in your mind is a beautiful thing, but being able to compose, hear and experience it in reality is divine.  Using Reason as your primary software, this course will give you the skills and techniques necessary to preserve and nurture your ideas.  From simple loops to grand and complex compositions, you will learn to manipulate time and use basic music theory to give life and soul to your creations.


To be instructed by : 

Allan Malabanan


Allan dela Merced Malabanan, aka Lustbass, is a Filipino musician, composer and producer.  He has been active in the music scene for nearly a decade, having gigged in events and music festivals around the country as well as in Japan and Indonesia. From composing original music at a young age to graduating from DLS-CSB with a bachelor’s degree in Music Production, Allan continued in the field working as a sound engineer before shifting to composing and arranging music for various TV shows and commercials.  He has been involved in the production of numerous EPs and albums, taking up roles as a recording artist, recording engineer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer.  As an active musician, he plays bass guitar for the bands Wilderness and Chocolate Grass, and performs solo as Lustbass. Musically, he has been hailed as a versatile multi-instrumentalist who is able to understand and complement different styles, especially in the realm of soul, jazz and experimental rock.  One of his latest creations attracted the attention of international soul songstress, Georgia Anne Muldrow and together they released what would be the very first track under the newly founded Malasimbo Recordings. 



Subtractive Colors : Synthesis with Sylenth


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A guide course in synthesis using Lennar Digital's Sylenth1. This course is an Overall guide to Sylenth1's UI. Understanding the different functions and knobs that it offers, how additive synthesis works, and how to make different synths; bass, plucks, arps, leads.

To be instructed by:

Asch Catabona

(The Patron Saint Family)

Asch is a young electronic music producer that is slowly championing the internet with his own unique, eclectically colorful and dreamy style of production that has been gaining the notice of listeners all over the world. he is currently part of the Sweden-Stockholm based collective "The Patron Saint Family". His proficiency in synthesis spans across different genres and styles yet he has already succeeded in honing a sound to call his own.



(Guitar Performance and Music Production for Guitar)

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The music industry is changing, and as a result, musicians and artists increasingly need skills in a number of different areas in order to succeed. With today’s technology, a more DIY approach to recording, songwriting, and music production can be done from the comfort of your own home.

The Axology Program is a 6 - level course in Guitar Performance and Music Production designed to provide you with a foundation in guitar playing and performance, music theory, songwriting, recording, and music production, that arms you with the tools you need to write, record, produce, create and market your own music. 

To be instructed by : 

Russell Manaloto

(Faspitch/Curbside/Cables and Space/Urbandub/Sessionist/Nemesis Music Group)

Russell Manaloto, a graduate of AB Music Production at De La Salle College of St. Benilde, is a force to reckon with in the local Rock/Metal/Hardcore scene and is a prominent figure that is notable for his mastery, creativity and dexterity with the guitar. His power and skill with the axe draws him an impressive following over the years and is also considered a veteran in the scene with 2 LP albums (Faspitch - Cebu), 2 EP albums and an upcoming LP album with Curbside, an upcoming EP with Cables and Space, and years of recording, playing session guitars and bass with Urbandub, and more than a decade of touring locally and internationally in his repertoire. He was nominated "Guitarist of the Year" at the 2007 NU rock awards, having his band Faspitch winning the NU107 Rock Awards “NOKIA Best Breakthrough Artist” the same year and also nominated as "MOST LIKED GUITARIST" at the 2012 STIGG awards. Through a variety of musical projects like Faspitch, Curbside, Cables and Space, and Urbandub, Russell has successfully forged his signature sound and creative vision into the hearts of many and is today considered as one of the most formidable titans on the guitar.


God-Tier Music Production and Immortal Remixing

(Unbeatable Music Production Practices and Principles)

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If Hardcore Elite Training existed for Music Production this would be it. Take the path to become an unbeatable and formidable Music Producer through rigorous training and practice with one of the country's most superior producers. Master countless industry standard techniques, secrets and principles on making your compositions sound Massive and God-like (yes! we are that confident).  This program covers everything you need to be a weapons-grade, standout laptop musician; from Basic Music Theory, Synthesis, Arrangement and Programming to Mixing, Mastering  and even Business Music Relations this course will leave you well rounded regardless what software you decide to pickup. this is not just a regular music production course this is a High-Caliber all around training program designed to make you a Music Production Titan.  


To be instructed by:

Justin De Guzman

(DeeperManila / Capt. Soulo / Moons That Scar / Limited Impressions / Astral Runner)

Justin de Guzman is the director of the music label Deeper Manila. With over 10 years of creating music under several names, he is a multi-talented destroyer of boundaries, and a versatile producer, DJ, and remixer.


In-Charge : Music Yourself


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Experience the journey of the transformation from “dreams” to “reality”. Evolve from bedroom producer to full-blown performer. This course will not only teach you the valuable fundamentals to simply create your own music, but also how to manage your music, your collaborators, and your audience as well, from recording/mixing/producing that first track all the way to the stage. Learn ALL the steps to breaking out into the scene. Take charge of your musical dreams and turn them into a living reality.

To be instructed by:


Nicholas Lazaro


Nicholas Lazaro is a graduate of St. Scholastica's College of Music with a degree in Music Composition, and Music Production/ Technology. Although he is a classically trained music scorer/arranger and multi instrumentalist, he has been prominent in all types of musical genres from a very early age. At the age of 14, he was a Double Bass player for the SF Youth Jazz Ensemble and Lowell Symphonic Orchestra. At 16, he was a touring guitar player for the youngest Death-Metal band in America in 2002 called ANIMOSITY. Presently, he is an accomplished performer/producer as well as commercial scorer in the Philippines and also runs his own recording studio in Makati called LA BALLS STUDIO. Notable projects of his are tracks produced for GMA and ABS CBN artists Frencheska Farr, James Reid, Bret Jackson, Andie Eigenmann, as well as EPs and albums by highly recognized independent artists and bands Oh Flamingo!, Ourselves the Elves, BP Valenzuela, and Moonwlk. He also performs instrumentally, electronically, and vocally in local acts Moonwlk, Twin Lobster, and Birdforms. His commercial work ranges from projects with Philips, Glutathione, Meralco, to shakey's. His vast knowledge of all sectors of the music industry will give his students the edge to not only become more formidable musicians, but how to make it their passion into successful living.




Wavelengths & Waypoints : A Primer on Synthesis


*class schedules TBA.



This course is an introduction to audio synthesis and its place in contemporary music. The students will learn about the synthesizer’s components and parts, its different types, and its historical impact on the modern musical landscape. The course is designed for students who already have prior knowledge in music theory and are experienced with an instrument. It will be hands-on and application-based; the students will be able to produce their own music based on lessons from the course.

To be instructed by:


Andrew Florentino


Andrew Florentino joined the music industry in 2014 as a Music Production graduate of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. At present, he works as a scorer and composer for GMA Network. Outside the office he scores advertisements and short films, including the multi-award winning “Ang Kapitbahay Ko sa 2014” and “Ang ‘Di Masabi,” which was a submission to Project 1324 and the Sundance Institute in 2015. From his bedroom he produces electronic music as TheBGNR, and on the side he is the vocalist and principal songwriter of the band Actually Not Here. If these don’t pan out, he’d like to be an astronaut instead. 


Ableton Live 101 (Getting Started, General Techniques for All Musical Styles, & Start to Finish Song Creation); Electronic Music History 101(From the beginning of Disco to Present Sub-Evolution of Genres)


*class schedules TBA.


To allow musical imaginations to be captured and be heard using Ableton Live. Every musical creation has a specific style that can be best described through history of Electronic Music. Learning these facts would greatly improve one's appreciation and understanding of music and further enhance one's musical-style during creation processes...because, sharing is caring.

To be instructed by:


Madz Abubakar

(Abdel Aziz / SINYMA / Native Instruments Traktor user / Music Colony )

Madz Abubakar (aka Abdel Aziz) is an electronic music producer hailing from Manila (Philippines). A notable persona in the Philippine electronic music scene, with his best projects spanning over 15 years from Neon8, Nyko Maca + Playground, Sinyma, and currently as a solo artist, Abdel Aziz. Known for his multi-genre approach in the studio and a tasteful curator/ selector/ and DJ of soulful dance music(House, Afro, Disco, Down Tempo). 

As an artist/ producer, he has done collaborations, remixes, and original productions with: Drip, Rubber Inc., Radha (Kulay), Raimund Marasigan (Eraserheads, Sandwich, Pedicab), Ryan Cayabyab (Bravo Filipino Project), Kevin Roy (Razorback), Kate Torralba, Nicole Asensio, and Cynthia Alexander to name a few.

As a DJ, his tasteful-selections and technical know-how garnered him the attention of the top ears in the dance music community pushing-forward his DJ career in a short span of 4 years. Madz Abubakar has set the right tone both an opening and a closing act for: Danny Rampling(Camsur), Nostalgia 77(Studio 23 Party, Boracay), Nickodemus(Costa Pacifica, Baler), Dale Anderson(Time in Manila, Makati), Cold Busted's: 80's Casual(Rocket Room, Fort BGC), Francis Inferno Orchestra(Malasimbo Boat Party, Puerto Galera), Jeremy Olander(Black Market: subMNL Party Year One, Makati), and Andy Caldwell(Movenpick, Cebu). 

Passing on his electronic-music knowledge brought him to teach at: De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde, School of Design(Electronic Music 101, 2013-2014), Music Colony(2013-2015), Mile High Sounds Malaysia, and other pop-up music clinics such as: Creative Play(Team Manila, Music Colony, 2014), Ableton Live Workshops(JB Music, 2009-present), Traktor Workshops(The Music Source, 2013-2015), SYNC Music Tech(Smart Communications, 2014), and an Official Ableton Live & Push Demonstration Party(Mile High Sounds Malaysia, 2013), to name a few. A known Native Instrument's Traktor user in Manila, and an avid instructor of Ableton Live.